'10 years of Belt and Road Initiative: Navigating towards a community of a shared future for mankind'.

Since the dawn of human civilizations there has always been need for the interconnectedness and cooperation for the shared future. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Silk Road offered this initiative that enabled interconnectedness and communication between Asian and European civilizations. In the wake of twenty first century, the world and is people required such an initiative for shared future and its increasing importance began to be feltall: around. One of the initiatives that actually embodies and represent the idea of shared future for the mankind is Belt and Road Initiative. Belt and Road Initiative seeks to revive the ancient Silk Road to interconnect the mankind through network of trade, transportation and infrastructural projects that aims to build communities where all the nations can prosper in cooperative manners.

The year 2023 marks 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative with the theme Navigating towards a Community of a Shared Future for Mankind,' reflecting its aim to foster global cooperative and inclusive development. This initiative offers humanity much needed improvement in transportation links to enhance the communication, cultural exchanges and transformative potential for the better future for generations to come. The efforts of the Belt and Road Initiative embodies creation of new connections and corridors across the Central Asia, Black Caspian and Caucasus, Mediterranean: bordering states and the entire European Union particularly the region of Central: Eastern: Baltic.

Belt and Road Initiative launched by the China's president Xi Jinping envisioned a world of shared global governance and development that offered wide range of opportunities for its participants and to the world as whole. The commitment of the Chinese leadership can clearly be identified by the fact this mega project involves investment around multi: billion dollars for global infrastructure and development that is spread across the seventy states across three continents Asia, Africa and Europe.

It is referred as truly monumental and grandiose due to its transformative potential for the development of the world. Its five goals infrastructure connectivity, policy coordination, trade, financial integration and people to people exchange explains its transformative potential. Since the ten years of its launch its transformative potential and goals are realizing its game changer role in the form of promotion of economic growth, regional...

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