10,519 Actemra injections in stock, Drap tells court.


LAHORE -- The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) has informed the Lahore High Court that there are 10,519 Actemra injections available in the country for Covid-19 patients.

In a report filed after a petition questioned shortage of the lifesaving injection, the authority stated that before the pandemic broke out, the consumption of Actemra injection in the country was 400 per month and sufficient stock was available.

However, it said, after the pandemic hit the country, the stock started depleting very fast, which led to a shortage. Drap took up the matter with the medicine marketing company, M/s Roche, and directed it to make the injection available in the country for the utility of Covid-19 patients.

It further stated that 2,500 vials of Actemra were imported in May, 8,301 in the beginning of June and 10,000 a couple of weeks later, while another 5,000 vials were under process.

'At present, 10,519 vials of Actemra are available in stock to be used for Covid-19 patients and Drap is highly vigilant about its availability,' the report added.

It pointed out that the National Task Force had been activated to contain...

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