1,758 COVID-19 patients using oxegenated beds.


ISLAMABAD -- The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Thursday said that as many as 1,758 Covid-19 patients were currently on oxegenated beds at various hospitals across the country.

According to NCOC, total number of beds allocated for COVID patients were 28,692 and total number of beds with oxygen facility allocated for COVID patients were 10,071.

It said that 1,491,437 tests were conducted in 733 hospitals with COVID-19 facilities with 5,027 patients admitted across the country.

It said that total active COVID-19 cases have reached to 90,554 with having figure of 145,311 recovered patients so far.

It said that 3,359 patients tested positive and 24,333 tests were conducted on July 8.

It also said that 61 people lost lives due to COVID during last 24 hours including 56 died in hospitals and five out of hospital while there is no patient on vent in GB, AJK and Balochistan.

It said that 435...

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