1,571 teachers needed in Bajaur.


KHAR -- Former chairman of Bajaur Youth Jirga Javed Rehman has demanded implementation of rationalisation policy in merged districts and fulfilment of promises made with the local people at the time of merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Talking to media persons, Javed Rehman said tribal areas were merged with KP underthe 25thConstitutional Amendment more than a year ago, but still the rationalisation policy - one teacher for every 40 students - has not been implemented in the governmentschools of the area. Javed Rehman said the people of tribal districts, particularly Bajaur, were very happy at the time of merger and they were hoping that rationalisation policy will be immediately implemented which will improve the standard of education and the youth will get jobs. He said the government has failed to implement the policy and only in Bajaur, 1,571 teachers are needed to improve the state of affairs at government schools.

He said the...

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