• Upstream Petroleum Laws and Regulatory Framework in Pakistan. A guide to the Pakistan''s upstream petroleum laws and egulatory framework with detail o

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(Mr. Muhammad Shahid Malik is a Senior Petroleum Sector Lawyer in Pakistan working as Senior Legal Counsel in a foreign Exploration and Production Company. He holds LL.B., LL.M. and M.A Political Science Degrees. He provides legal advice on whole range of commercial and governance issues with sensitivity to regulatory compliance.)


This book provides an overview of applicable Laws, Rules, Regulations and Policies applicable in Pakistan since 1948 todate and comparison of benefits and incentives provided by the Government of Pakistan in different eras and regimes. The Government of Pakistan (GOP) is committed to accelerate an exploration and development programme in order to reverse the decline in crude oil production, to increase the domestic gas production and supply and to reduce the burden of imported energy. Pakistan’s average daily production of crude oil and gas in 2007-08 was 70,205 barrels and 4,176 million cubic feet, respectively. Pakistan’s current crude oil production meets only 18% of the total demand for domestic consumption. Domestic gas production and supply presently fails to meet the demand of domestic users, the industrial sector and power generation. Furthermore, gas supply may soon become insufficient due to increasing demand and depletion of present reserves. This book would be beneficial to all who are interested to know the applicable petroleum laws in Pakistan and regulatory frame work for Exploration and Production Industry.

MATERIA: Petroleum Laws and Exploration & Production Industry in Pakistan