• Special Persons needs Special Rights. Pakistan needs new Legislation on Disability Rights

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(afiz Ghulam Abbas has obtained his LLM (International Human Rights Law)in 2011 from International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan.He is Lecturer in Law (visiting)at Faculty of Shariah&Law in the same University (IIUI).He is practicing Lawyer as well at Islamabad High Court,Islamabad Pakistan.)


The Research examines the laws that provide economical, social, cultural and political rights of disabled persons in Pakistan and other countries. The International laws ensure these all rights through UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, whereas Pakistani laws do not cover the economical, social, cultural and political rights of disabled persons. The research aims at highlighting the problems of the Pakistani law since disabled persons in the State are not provided economical, social, cultural and political rights. The deficiencies of the Pakistani laws are identified by means of drawing comparison of the International and Pakistani laws on the rights of persons with disabilities.

MATERIA: international human rights law