• Sexual Violence Against Women in Pakistan. The transformation of women's collective identity to engender empowerment

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Meredith Owen received her J.D. and Masters from American University. Ms. Owen worked to combat trafficking in persons and sexual violence. Her specialization centers around the enforcement of international human rights law within post-conflict states. She hopes this work contributes to ending the subjugation of women in militarized societies.)


According to the Ansar Burney Trust, approximately seventy percent of Pakistani women are subjected to domestic violence, including sexual violence, torture, and serious bodily injury. This work addresses sexual violence against women and children in Pakistan. It focuses on gender apartheid, oppression against females, in addition to sexual and domestic violence against women in the greater context of conflict. It takes a holistic approach in analyzing this problem, looking at violence against women through legal, psychological, sociological, and military perspectives. Protracted conflict exacerbates limitations on women’s rights and further segregates women from society, ostracizing them from the community. As a result, it makes recommendations based on these observations in order to propose solutions to combat this problem.

MATERIA: International Affairs; Peace Studies; Gender; Women and Conflict