• Child Labour in Pakistan: Including the Excluded. Subsidized Education and Subsidy: Tools to Combat the Worst Forms of Child Labour

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(The author, Zaigham Abbas Mazhar, was graduated from Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan and Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, Holland. His research interests include the Human Development, Industrial Relations and Human Rights. He is Director Labour Welfare in Labour & Human Resource Department, Government of the Punjab, Pakistan.)


Children from poor families in Pakistan, like in many of developing countries, tend to work at early age, and typically have lowest educational level and suffer other social disadvantages. Child labour is usually linked with low human capital investment, poor education and health, and future poverty incidence. Low rates of productivity growth further contribute to the intergenerational poverty trap and hamper economic growth. This persistent problem means a loss of future human resource development of country and the denial of children’s birth right to education and recreation. There is a desperate need to find out effective tools for re-integration of children especially who are trapped in Worst Form of Child Labour, which may be helpful for reduction of child labour and eventually may eliminate this problem under the prevailing socio-economic conditions of the country. This research will be helpful as a useful reference in efforts to find out effective counterfactuals for eradication of WFCL in Pakistan.

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