• CHILD LABOUR. Condition of Child being a Labour in Pakistan including Legislation and efforts made by Pakistan to control Child Labour.

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(Mr. Muhammad Shahid Malik is a Senior Petroleum Sector Lawyer in Pakistan working as Senior Legal Counsel in a foreign Exploration and Production Company. He holds LL.B., LL.M. and M.A Political Science Degrees. He provides legal advice on whole range of commercial and governance issues with sensitivity to regulatory compliance.)


Child labour is a common evil which exists all over the world including Pakistan. However, child labour is more common in under developed countries. The poor families, which normally consists of large number of children, prefer to send their children on work, to earn some money for the poor family from early age instead of giving them education for which they don''t have money. Since the poor families in the developing countries are illiterate, they do not understand the importance of children education and prefer them to send on work in early age to financially help the family as well as to get some technical skills. The children are forced by their poor parents to do work and start struggling in life due to poverty, when these children require attention, love, recreational activities and education for their bright future. It is very difficult for the under developed countries to completely control the child labour and provide healthy life to the children. In this Thesis we have discussed particularly Child Labour problem in Pakistan, Government efforts and Legislation to control Child Labour.

MATERIA: Child Labour and relevant Legislation in Pakistan