• Burden of Environmental Law on Third World Economies. With Special Emphasis on Pakistan

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(Mr. Hani is LLM Corporate Law from International Islamic University, Islamabad and M.Sc International Relations from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. He has worked as Research Fellow at Kashmir Institute of International Relations Islamabad, and currently serving as Research Officer/Media Analyst in Inter Services Public Relations-(ISPR).)


Developing countries often have trouble implementing environmental regulations devised by developed countries because standards are too strict, change too quickly, and are not always clearly supported by scientific evidence. The general cost of implementation is also a major barrier. The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the needs and concerns of developing countries especially Pakistan in the realm of environmental law. The pros and cons of this research and venture are compiled in the form of book comprising; firstly brief introduction of problems faced by developing countries in implementing environmental laws and development of environmental laws in Pakistan. Secondly, critical scenario of environmental legislation in Pakistan, thirdly legal challenges faced by developing countries in environmental management and enforcement of the laws in different sectors, fourthly conclusion and recommendations for the improvement of environmental conditions in Pakistan and finally highlighting the ultimate solution as bona fide conclusion. In Pakistan there are realms of laws protecting the environment which go no further than the statute book.

MATERIAS: Economy, Law, Environmental, EPA, Trade barriers, Pakistan, EMS, ISO 14001, under development, Pepa, PEPO